Dave Bullock / eecue

photographer, director of engineering: crowdrise, photojournalist, hacker, nerd, geek, human


Earth Simulator

On my last day in japan, after coming back from Hong Kong and staying up all night to ward off jet lag I made my journey by train to visit the World?s fastest supercomputer. I had emailed the general contact address before I left for Japan and I had tried to arrange a tour. I hadn?t heard back from my contact at the Japanese government run Earth Sciences Department, but finally in Hong Kong I got an email asking me when I could make it down. I told them that I would have maybe half an hour to visit with them while I was back in japan and that it would be cutting it very close.


Hong Kong

At the end of my Japan trip, I was flown to Hong Kong for business. Our company just recently opened a branch in Asia for production. The production facility is over in the mainland of china in the special economic zone. We have a small office in a nice office building in Hong Kong that manages the production facility and is in charge of logistics.