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IMG_1239.CR2 Green Dino Messinian Alien Tom and Danny Craze and Infiltrata looking up cape Messinian Dancers, Lady T and Messinian Messinian and Lady T Messinian Messinian DJ Luchadore and Messinian Infiltrata crowd Messinian Green Dinosaur Luchadore Hochi Infiltrata Infiltrata Check Wun MC Dre Infiltrata and Hochi Dre and Infiltrata Hochi and Infiltrata MC Dre Infiltrata and Hochi Hochi Messinian

Downtown Art Ride Artist Photos

I've been leading the Downtown Art Ride for almost a year now and in the last 6 months or so I've brought my 20D, and now my 30D, with me on every ride. I have been trying to get a portrait of every artist that I've run in to. On this last ride I think I photographed over 20 artists, you can check out the September Art Ride photos here.


Private Tour of the Banksy Show

Construction Rat

I've been busy and haven't had much to say here on eecue.com, but I've posted over on blogging.la about my private tour of the Banksy exhibition.

Necca, Craze, Armanni Messinian and Bypass Thirst Messinian Scooba @ Kicks & Snares Jodi and other chicas @ Kicks & Snares Photek and Craze in Dino mask Infiltrata and Lady T Craze Infiltrata Danny