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Windows 2003 FTW

Windows 2003 Super Helpful Security Feature

Windows 2003 FTW

"To continue you must first add this this website to your trusted sites in Internet Explorer" ... I was running Windows Update. Nice!


Imported and Captioned Akihabara Photos from Japan Trip 2003

Here is a link to the newly captioned photo album of the Akihabara District in Tokyo. I took them a couple of years ago on my trip to japan . There are 5 pages with 20 images per page.

I am currently folding the jp.eecue.com mini-site into eecue along with several other of my mini-sites. Each site will retain a unique design but will be part of the main eecue site. The articles will be integrated in to my main (b)log. Current links will still work.



ok so the defcon bbs is live for the next 12-24 hours (or until i get
to defcon). here is the url:


read on ....