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When Sweet Shrimp Attack

Shrimp Leg

Last night after the Detour show, my friend Mike Rocchio and I went to Oomasa for sushi. I ate sweet shrimp, with the shrimp heads in soup form. Afterwards I felt a little tickle in my throat, but I was still fairly buzzed and it didn't really bother me until I was about to go to sleep. I had what I thought was a little bit of shrimp antenna lodged in my throat. I tried to wash it down with some cereal and copious amounts of water, but it stayed stuck in there. I went to bed hoping it would work its self loose by morning, but when I awoke it was still there.

I decided to call Kaiser and see what they recommended, but while I was on hold I decided to look in the mirror and see if I could see anything. Lo and behold, there it was, a big honkin' shrimp leg lodged in the back of my throat. Penelope, my wonderful wife / nurse in training offered to extract it with a pair of tweezers. After a few tries she skillfully snatched it and removed it. I took a few photos with a nickel for scale here.


BlueBag - Mobile Covert Bluetooth Attack and Infection Device


I missed Claudio Merloni and Luca Carettoni's talk about their cool suitcase based bluetooth hacking system named BlueBag, because I was fighting an epic battle with a cruel hangover this morning. I did get a chance to talk to them and photograph the bag up close in the press room. The system inside is a low powered Micro-ATX motherboard running Gentoo Linux and the custom software that does the actual hacking will be available soon on their website. The system can detect and attack bluetooth devices from distances of over several hundred feet thanks to the built in amplifiers and the attacker can access the BlueBag system via a laptop remotely. The BlueBag has a side effect of knocking out 802.11b within about 10 meters due to the bluetooth amps. They chose not to fly with the BlueBag and instead shipped it in to Vegas, which was probably a good idea due to the extremely suspicious contents of the case. More photos of the BlueBag here.