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Bell Comunications Around The Globe, by Anthony Heinsbergen

52781 Sculpture

Phone Parts

Untitled, or Bell Comunications Around The Globe is one of my favorite sculptures in Downtown Los Angeles. Created in 1961 by Anthony Heinsbergen and located at 420 S. Grand on what is now the AT&T building, the mural / mosiac is made of thousands of old telephone switching parts. There is nothing like junk to make a geek like me happy. You can read more about it here. [Full gallery here.]


Anti-Spyware Bill Sponsored By Spyware Firm, Claria

I was reading a related trackback for new the spyware law. And I found out that the bill was sponsored by Claria, the company formerly known as Gator... here is what I found.


Girl Burned By Exploding Cellphone

A 16 year old Ontario, California girl received second degree burns and a torn pair of blue jeans when her cellphone exploded in her pocket. The cellphone was a Verizon Kyocera.