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LA Walkabouts - My Solo Show at Indigo Gallery in Pomona

This Saturday marks the opening of my third solo show. The show is at Indigo Gallery in Pomona. The work consists of an eclectic assortment of photos from my many Downtown LA Walkabouts. There are many other galleries open during the Pomona Art Walk, which brings a large group of people to downtown Pomona. The show runs until December 25th, so you have plenty of time to check it out. This Saturday is the opening reception. Here are the details:

Dave Bullock L.A. Walkabouts
Indigo Gallery
558 W. Second Street
Pomona, CA 91766

  • Opening Reception - Saturday, Nov. 13th 6-10pm
  • Last Saturday Reception - Saturday, Nov. 27th 6-9pm
  • December Reception - Saturday, Dec. 11th 6-10pm

Here are the photos from the show:

Sakura Crossing


Wired Gallery: Igniting a Star With Laser Light

A few months ago while on a San Francisco vacation with my lovely wife Penelope, I took a tour of Livermore Lab's National Ignition Facility.

NIF is an amazing experiment designed to create fusion using lasers. As you've probably noticed, I love lasers and robots, and NIF employs both to get its job done. The NIF gallery just went up on Wired.com. It uses the new gallery format which allows for bigger pictures and the ability to view the whole thing at once. NIF is probably the coolest thing I have ever photographed.

Click the photo below to see the gallery:

Energy of the Future: Igniting a Star With Laser Light

Screengrab hosted by flickr.


Dave Bullock Gallery Show Next Thursday @ Downtown Art Walk

I will be showing my Los Angeles HDR photography for the first time in print form during the Downtown Art Walk next week at Niche LA Gallery.

I have had two public showings in the past, but this will be the first show of my Los Angeles HDR work. If you've been following my blog you've likely seen these photos (shown below). To really get the full experience of this work you have to see it large. The amount of detail is really quite stunning.

Depending on how the clouds look in the next few days I may also be showing some brand-new work. No promises on that, but it is a possibility. Either way please come down and check out my work.

Niche.LA is located in the Spring Arts Tower at:
453 S. Spring St. #443
Los Angeles, CA 90013
February 12th & March 12th, 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Here are some of the photos I will be showing:

6th Street Bridge and Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles and 6th Street Bridge

Los Angeles River and Downtown

Los Angeles River and Downtown

Blue gravel factor for Scott Brown

Blue Gravel Factor for Scott Brown

Griffith Park Fire and Downtown Los Ange

Griffith Park Fire and Downtown Los Angeles from 7th Street Bridge

You can see more of my photography on my portfolio website.


Wired Gallery: X-rays From Sticky Tape

I shot this gallery yesterday and my editor and I turned it around in less than 24 hours. You can view the gallery here on Wired, if you like it, give it a digg.

Wired Gallery: X-Rays From Sticky Tape

Wired Gallery: X-Rays From Sticky Tape Wired Gallery: X-Rays From Sticky Tape

Wired.com Gallery: Nanoimpellers Fight Cancer

UCLA scientists are working hard to fight cancer and their latest creations could target tumors directly. I toured the labs making these new nanomachines called nanoimpellers and took photos for Wired. You can check out the photos along with a brief intro I wrote by clicking here or on the photo below:

UCLA Nanoimpellers on Wired.com


Wired.com Gallery: Inside NASA's Mars Mission

Last week I took an early morning drive out to the Mojave Desert to visit NASA's Goldstone facility. Goldstone is one of three Earth locations of the Deep Space Network (DSN). The DSN is used to listen to and control spacecraft and has been around since the 50's.

A few days later I headed to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to get some photos of Mission Control and interview a lead technician responsible for the landing [click to listen to the podcast].

I will be covering the landing live on Sunday for Wired.com. My Mars landing coverage can be found here on Wired Science. Click on the image below to see the gallery:

Wired.com Gallery: Inside NASA

Wired.com Gallery: Inside NASA's Mars Mission Wired.com Gallery: Inside NASA's Mars Mission Wired.com Gallery: Inside NASA's Mars Mission
WIRED Metallic Glass Gallery WIRED Metallic Glass Gallery

Wired Gallery : Metallic Glass

A gallery that I shot for Wired.com just went live this morning. The process for creating the metallic glass is pretty cool. The materials they are producing will end up finding tons of commercial uses in the near future.

WIRED Metallic Glass Gallery


2nd Gallery Opening @ Spring Arts Collective

The Black Hole

I have my second gallery show coming up this Thursday at the Spring Arts Collective Gallery during the Art Walk in Downtown Los Angeles. If you're in the area please come by and take a look at the four framed pieces I will be showing. The show is a continuation of my "Land of Nuclear Enchantment" series that just wrapped up at Niche Video Art. Here are the specifics:

Thursday April 10th, noon to 9 p.m. (Reception: 7-9 p.m.)
Spring Arts Collective Gallery
Spring Arts Tower on the Mezzanine Level
453 South Spring Street (on the corner of 5th and Spring)
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Please come down and check out the show!


Heal a Robot, Go to War : WIRED News Gallery

A few weeks ago I toured USC's medical center for WIRED News. One of the interesting things I saw was their Surgical Skills Center. One thing they do there is particularly pertinent to a serious issue in our world, the Iraq War. Click here or on the image below to see the Heal a Robot, Go to War gallery on WIRED News.

USC Surgical Skills Center : Iraq Training on WIRED News

Quantum Storage Gallery on WIRED News

Quantum Storage : WIRED News Gallery

A couple weeks ago I got an embargoed preview of an upcoming research paper in Nature. I contacted the scientist involved as well as my press contact at CalTech and asked if I could come down and shoot the experiment at the Quantum Optics laboratory. On Monday morning I went and interviewed the lead author of the paper, a student and researcher named Kyung Soo Choi. He explained the experiment to me, as the Nature article is quite dense, and afterward I shot the lab. Here is the resulting gallery on WIRED News:

Quantum Storage Gallery on WIRED News


Land of Nuclear Enchantment : My first solo gallery show

Land of Nuclear Enchantment

This summer I took a road trip to my old stomping ground in New Mexico. Along the way I toured some of my favorite places including Los Alamos and shot photos of some beautiful scenery as well as cool nuclear equipment. I have put together a show that includes a juxtaposition between the lovely natural wilderness and the cold technology that has been a key part of the nuclear weapons industry that is peppered throughout said wilderness.

All of the photos were creating using an HDR / Tone-Mapping process and have been printed with my Epson Stylus Pro 3800 on Ultrasmooth Fine Art Matte paper which has an estimated archival life of over 100 years.

The show will be taking place at the Niche Video Art gallery (although there will be no video involved) and the opening is on Thursday during the Downtown Art Walk between noon and 9pm. Please come down and take a look at the prints if you get a chance! Here is the address:

453 S. Spring St. #443 [Google Map]
Los Angeles, CA


Biophysics Gallery on WIRED News

If you like crazy robots that automatically do all types of cool tests on individual cells you'll enjoy this gallery I shot for WIRED earlier this week:

BIophysical Society Meeting : WIRED News

SPAWAR : WIRED News Gallery PMA08 : WIRED News Gallery

PMA08 : WIRED News Gallery

Here are some selects that I shot for WIRED at PMA:

PMA08 : WIRED News Gallery


SPAWAR Robotics : WIRED News Gallery

Two weeks ago I drove down to San Diego and took some photos of SPAWAR's robotic research department. Check em out:

SPAWAR : WIRED News Gallery

OCWD Groundwater Replenishment System : WIRED News Gallery OCWD Groundwater Replenishment System : WIRED News Gallery

WIRED News Gallery : Groundwater Replenishment System

I shot this cool plant earlier this week. The gallery just went live over on WIRED News:

OCWD Groundwater Replenishment System : WIRED News Gallery

WIRED Homeland Security Con Gallery

WIRED Gallery : Homeland Security Convention

I just shot the Homeland Security Convention yesterday at the LA Convention Center. The gallery is up on WIRED now:

WIRED Homeland Security Con Gallery

Photo hosted by flickr.


WIRED Nextfest Multimedia Gallery

I'm excited. My first WIRED gallery just went online! So far there are 11 images in the gallery, but soon there should be around 20. Checkout my photos in the WIRED Nextfest Gallery. =]

Update The rest of my images, totaling 22, are now up on the gallery. I ended up writing the captions for the remaining 11 images. Unfortunately, WIRED.com's gallery doesn't allow two bylines for a gallery, but Kristen Philipkoski was nice enough to allow my to have the byline even though she wrote the captions on the original 11 images. Thanks Kristen!


WIRED Nextfest Multimedia Gallery

I'm excited. My first WIRED gallery just went online! So far there are 11 images in the gallery, but soon there should be around 20. Checkout my photos in the WIRED Nextfest Gallery. =]


Help Support Gallery Row

Tomorrow night is the Gallery Row Organization's Fundraiser at the Oviatt. Read more about it here.


Fixed Gear Gallery and Questions

So I sent photos of my fixie to fixed gear gallery and they posted them up along with my write up. When I woke up this morning I had a couple of emails asking me questions:

On Oct 25, 2005, at 11:07 AM, Pax wrote:

i have the same frame, but dont know how to get the shift lever mounts off. any help? also, what ratio?

Ok let me see if I can remember how I did this.

  1. unscrew the levers.
  2. I think I pried up the little plastic ring with my finger nail and then just turned it. One side is fixed and one side is like a nut.
  3. After you remove one side the other will just come out after you jiggle it a little.


  • Chainring: 42 teeth
  • Cog: 14 teeth
  • 78.8 gear inches

On Oct 25, 2005, at 10:46 AM, Claes Axang wrote:

I saw you bike at fixedgeargallery.com (very nice by the way) and read that you had used a half link. I am currently building on a old reynold's 531 road frame with horizontal drop-outs so that shouldn't cause any problems but I have been thinking aboout converting my old kona kilauea mountainbike to my everyday fixie. The kona has more or less vertical dropouts so I have been told that the only way to go is the white industries ENO hub but I don't feel that I want to spend that much money on a hub so maybe the half link solution could be the thing for me. How do you construct a half link and if you would have time some day could you send me a picture of what it looks like? Any help would much appreciated.

The thing about the half link is that it may or may not work. You really have to try to know, you might not even need a half link depending on your bike's geometry. The half link just allows you to shorten the chain by half a link. It looks like a short link in a chain, but instead of a pin it has a screw and a flat square nut. It cost me $10 from the bicycle kitchen, I'm sure you could find one online. Sheldon Brown has a shot of a half link here on is great website.


Gallery changes...

I made some changes with the way that the gallery looks. I made the interface cleaner and changed the order of display of the image details. I also updated the tag creation in the images and log sections. I also fixed the way the comments are added in these sections. Finally I changed the RSS feed in the comments sections so that it only shows replies.


Old Photos Integrated Into Gallery

Ok I have set up my gallery to show in a hierarchal mode so that they are easier to navigate... I have integrated all the old photos into the gallery.


Photo Gallery...

Just wanted to remind people where my personal photos are =] (and a bunch of other people's photos too).[my photos are now located on this website]


new photo gallery now online

ok so i've decided to start using a better photo gallery system called "gallery". the home page for the project can be found here: Gallery Home Page ... it's really cool and i even found a great plugin for iPhoto that lets me export directly too it and even uses the comments and titles i set up in iPhoto. the program is called iPhotoToGallery and can be found here.

Here is a link to the new gallery