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Joost Beta for OS X

I just got an invite token for Joost now that they support OS X, (thanks for the invite xeni). So far it seems pretty cool, I watched a couple of national geographic episodes. The way in which Joost stops for commercial breaks is annoying, although it is only shows 1 short commercial, the timing of the breaks doesn't coincide with a stopping point in the actual media you're watching. The interface is really slick, and the social networking aspects seem pretty damn cool, although I didn't find anyone else watching what I was watching so some of the features weren't really useable, like chat for instance. There is also very little content in the system right now, but I'm guessing that will change rapidly. I searched for "monkey" and found nothing, while photography turned up only 2 hits. If Joost takes off I can see the big networks putting their content on it, and that would rock.


No Google OS / Googleputer

I've been saying this was going to happen for a while now, it just makes sense that Google would create its own operating system. I actually hadn't thought too much about a cheap computer, but I suppose that makes sense, too bad WalMart will be selling it. Google just announced that they will be selling TV content via Google Video and also that they are offering the "Google Pack" that comes with Firefox, Ad-Aware SE Personal, Google Desktop, Google Toolbar, Picasa, Google Earth, and Adobe Reader 7. No Google OS Yet.


OS X Newton Sync

All you newton freaks out there can now sync your mac with your newton. Go retro technology!


NAT 1.0 (nbaudit .. NetBIOS Auditing Tool ) patched for OS

Ok so i hacked up nat so that it would compile on jaguar (os x 10.2) and i have it available for download here

i want to add it to the fink tree but i'm not sure where to start... the online docs didn't help me during the 10 mintues i looked at them... for now you can grab it off my site here. but
somday i'll figure out the right way to put it in fink...