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Lunar Eclipse Video

I made this video with roughly 500 shots from my Canon 5D. At some point I need to either buy or build an intervalometer. I have that generic Arduino kit that I need to put together and put to use. Sounds like another project in the making, just what I need.

It looks better bigger, and much better at full size [145MB Quicktime]


Dear Youtube and Google Video

I pay good money for a 6mbit DSL connection. Why can I not stream video from your site in real time? It works great from Apple's quicktime trailer site. What is the deal?


One Wilshire Video Tour

This is really cool... A full tour of One Wilshire from the colo cages to the roof to the coolers. I wonder if I could get a tour to take more photos.


LAPD Caught Beating Suspect Again on Video

Not knowing when to throw in the hat and stop beating their fleeing suspects, LAPD has been caught once again on video (this time from their own helicopter) viciously beating a suspected car thief. Riots at 11.