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Defcon 16 Wrap-up

Last weekend I covered Defcon 16, the world's largest hacker convention for Wired.com's Threat Level blog. Like last year, I was paired with Kim Zetter, one of Wired's best writers and an all around cool person.

Zetter wrote all the serious articles, which I provided pictures for. These articles included:

I did end up writing a few features that weren't hard news, but were still fun to write and shoot:

The Defcon NOC piece ended up on the front page of Slashdot, Gizmodo, Hack A Day, BoingBoing and more. Some of the other pieces I wrote also got picked up on various other sites.

I had a great time this year at Defcon, it was my 8th Defcon and I can't wait for next year. I'm looking forward to working with Zetter again and getting another tour of the NOC!

Defcon 16 NOC Tour on Wired.com

Wired.com piece in which I toured the Defcon Network Operations Center.


Coachella: Friday Wrap-up

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm covering Coachella for Wired.com. I just posted a selection of the photos I shot yesterday over on Wired.com's Listening Post. I got a lift up in a cherry picker over the main stage and got some photos of the whole grounds at night:

Coachella Liveblogging for Wired.com

PMA Wrapup Gallery on WIRED News Front Door PMA Wrapup Gallery on WIRED News

PMA08 Wrap-up on WIRED News

I covered PMA08 for WIRED News. The final gallery just went live:

PMA Wrapup Gallery on WIRED News Front Door

PMA Wrapup Gallery on WIRED News

You can find my complete coverage here.